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Coach Kathy Palese

What is Pickleball the SNAP way? Smart Nimble And Purposeful

What is Pickleball the SNAP way? Smart Nimble And PurposefulWhat is Pickleball the SNAP way? Smart Nimble And PurposefulWhat is Pickleball the SNAP way? Smart Nimble And Purposeful

SNAP Homework: Discussion on 2019 US Open Pro Mix Dbls

Discussion on this week’s homework.  2019 US Open Pro’s Mix Doubles Gold Medal Match.


SNAP Pickleball Initials Smart Nimble And Purposeful

SNAP Pickleball

My own pickleball journey led me in creating SNAP Pickleball and has given me insight  into the many challenges one encounters along the way. This enables me to bring a high level of empathy, respect, and understanding into the pickleball journey of others.


SNAP Experience

In 2014 I started my coaching career by assisting other established coaches.  I saw what worked and what didn’t which led me in creating SNAP Pickleball.  In 2016 I started  coaching my program which creates a solid foundation for all players to build their game upon.  

What is pickleball the SNAP way?

It  is  important  to  remember  that we are building a solid foundation in which to improve your pickleball game upon.  We start with the basics which is what I place in the beginners section of the lesson, then we add to that more things to work on for the intermediate players and advanced players.  

In order for your pickleball journey to advance properly you need to work on the drills and materials at the level you are currently in.  Get those solidified into your foundation before moving onto the next level as we don’t want your house to crumble. That’s not to say that you can’t look ahead and read the entire lessons of all levels.  I want you to as that is the blue print for your journey.  You  need  to  see  what  you  will  be  working  on at  the  next  level.    I  believe  that  is  what  keeps  us  motiviated  and  excited   about  the  journey  and  the  sport  of  pickleball.

Paddle up and Play the SNAP way!  Smart Nimble And Purposeful

Coach Kathy


Playing the SNAP Pickleball way

What is pickleball the SNAP way that is being taught by Coach Kathy Palese?

SNAP Pickleball is playing.........

Smart: You will learn strategies in order to take your game to the next level. You will also learn what shot to use and when to use it.  You will learn how to execute it.

Nimble: You will learn footwork and how to move around the court while playing as a team. You will also learn to keep your brain nimble by learning the brain skills of focus, patience, breathing, and anticipation.


Purposeful: You will learn how to become a purposeful player instead of a reactive player.  Each shot has a purpose and you will learn what that is and start to incorporate this knowledge into your game.


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Play the SNAP Pickleball way

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